Five Productive Things To Do During ASUU Strike

Five Productive Things To Do During Asuu Strike

In this post, I'll be sharing five possible ways to help you emerge smarter, knowledgeable, skilled and confident after the strike action. 

The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) has extended its warning strike Indefinitely.


Strike leads to closing schools and institutions, lecturers and teachers stop coming to work, and students are forced to go home.

Students and Parents do not have any power over the strike. But the federal government and other bodies do.

Meanwhile, the strike period can be a good and productive time for some students or the worst time for some.

Many students can’t predict how long the strike will be. It’s impossible, that's why it is good to make the best use of your time as a student.


Five Productive Things To Do During ASUU Strike 

Here are five productive activities to consider while waiting for FG and ASUU to resolve the impasse:

1: Acquire A Digital Skill : As the world evolves, acquiring digital skills becomes vital. Digital skills are any skills related to being computer literate. Industries have digitalised their operations and processes. By implication, employers require specialised skills. Examples of digital skills students can acquire include: digital design, data analytics, programming and web development, social media among others.

You may also want to consider honing your website development, Graphics Designing, presentation, and analysis skills. With these skills, you will undoubtedly become a Developer, Designer and presenter when using data in your academic work. If you have these skillsets, you’ll also be more advantageous than those who lack them in the world of work. Here, I recommend taking advantage of the CAMPUS CYBERCAFE 

Learn Digital Skills

​​With this platform, you can quantify your skills, grow in your role and stay relevant on critical topics using tech and digital tools. 

Visit to learn Digital Skills.

The Platform is resourceful and I am confident you won’t regret learning digital Skills from them.

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2:Take Online Courses : Technology has made learning easy. You don’t have to take lectures in the four walls of a classroom before you become certified in a course. There are so many online courses students can take which may eventually complement their discipline in school or extra knowledge. Examples of platforms that award certificate at the end of your programme are: Campus Cybercafe, Udemy, Coursera, edX among others.

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3: Intern : Graduating with good grades only doesn’t guarantee your preferred job. Work experience also adds value to the degree. Hence, internship has become crucial mode to make recent graduates stand out. During this ASUU period, it’s advisable to garner that work experience by interning to get hands-on knowledge in your career field as employers now rely on resume that emphasise on relevant work experience.

4: Volunteer :There are so much to benefit while volunteering. Aside the experience one gathers while doing the task, it also strengthens relationship and networking among fellow volunteers. Volunteering as a social worker is simple way of contributing ones quota to the development of the community. Students who are loners with adverse effect on their mental health can consider opting for volunteering jobs.

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Getting involved in training our young ones to pass WAEC/NECO or JAMB will be one of the quickest ways for you to be a volunteer. Additionally, you can engage in community work such as engaging in campaigns against drug abuse or mobilizing your constituents to obtain their voter IDs, among other things. Make sure you act before ASUU calls up the strike.

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Remember, when you volunteer, you will gain some soft skills that you can use on your CV. Some of these skills that you will learn may include problem-solving skills, collaboration and coordination, communications skills, presentation skills, and public speaking.

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5: Read Books

Most evident benefits of reading every day is learning. Although, learning is an unending process but this is an opportunity to open those books that one couldn’t read because school busy schedule. Read as wide as possible, be it your discipline related or not, the goal is to ensure that that time is well spent.

Don’t be afraid to ask around if you don’t have the money to purchase books. There are hundreds of people who are willing to share their books with you. Additionally, if you are unsure about what books you will want to read, you can ask people for recommendations. 

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