Campus Affiliate Program: Money Making Programmes For Students

Campus Affiliate Program: Money Making Programmes For Students

Campus Affiliate Program (CAP) is for Students to earn passive income, while studying hard to ultimately achieve their dreams. It's a money making programmes powered by Nigeria's Biggest Cybercafe to encourage, empower and reward students at the slightest opportunity we have. 



We are introducing Campus Affiliate Program (CAP) for students to earn passive income, while studying hard to ultimately achieve their dreams.  

Campus Affiliate Programs​​​​​​


This publication below will cover all the current and real money-making programmes that students can earn from here on and it's very important to read this article carefully to the end for you to understand the program. 

I want you to pay really close attention to what I am about to say now because it has the potential to change your life. 

And by the time you graduate, you won’t have to look for jobs because you already have a well-paying side hustle.

Campus Affiliate  Program

The Nigeria’s Biggest Cybercafe where Students and Business Owners can find all the services they require under one roof. 

We provide critical support for every phase of the student and business life cycle including Past Questions, Project Materials, E-learning, Computer Services and Training, Website/App Development, Digital Marketing, Graphics Design, Project/Business Plan writing, Business Registration Services, Educational and Travel Consultancy etc.

Over the years, we have utilized our expertise to help thousands of Students and Business Owners to start and grow their business and making student's life and business enterprise better using technology have now decided to democratize the industry by registering, training and providing support to selected Campus Affiliates who can then bring business support Services closer to small and medium scale enterprises. 

Our objective is to on one hand increase the chances of success for students and small scale businesses and on the other hand to create new business opportunities for our Campus Affiliates.

Affiliates registered with us will be entitled to massive discounts, training and support in the following areas mentioned above:

Do You Want To Earn Money As A Business Support Consultant?

Do You Dream Of A Side Hustle That Will Bring Passive Income?

Do You Desire To Partner With a Winning Team That Delivers Exceptional Services?

If You Answered Yes To Any Of The Above Then The Campus Affiliate Program Is For You. 




Campus Affiliate Program Overview

Our job running this affiliate program is to make sure you’re set up for success at Campus Cybercafe, that means providing you with all of the resources, tips, and tools you need to become the most successful affiliate you can be!

Campus Affiliate Program

Let’s get started by learning a bit about how Campus Affiliate Program works

How Does Campus Affiliate Programs Work?

When you register for our Affiliate Program, you choose the products that you want to promote, you'll be provided with a Unique Affiliate Code that you can use to refer customer to us and earn lifetime commission from that customer. 

Our affiliate programs offers ready-made text links, banners and other forms of creative copies for you to share with your audience or network. 

The Campus Affiliate Program is a referral program easy to register and requires no technical Knowledge.

it is simply promoting our company’s product or service in return for a commission on the sales you generate. Commissions are typically a percentage of the sale price, 

Under this model an Affiliate Partners with CAMPUS CYBERCAFE and and support on how to market and get customers for any of the following services:



Once an Affiliate Member , you will be entitled to 10%-30% recurring lifetime commissions for every customer you refer.​


Every registered member will have a Dashboard on our website to monitor their earnings and request for payout anytime or can choose to get paid directly to their account.


Our commission rates vary across services and our compensation model will be explained in detail at the training session. 


What it means to be a Campus Affiliate? 

Being a member of our affiliate program doesn’t just mean that you can make money by sharing our Website, Products and Services. It means a lot more than that.

As a Campus Affiliate, you are now in a position of knowledge and authority in the Campus Cybercafe community.


Our challenge to you is to fully embrace that position. Go into this adventure wanting to teach others to succeed. With that mindset, you’ll also set yourself up for success with this affiliate program.

We spent a lot of time speaking with successful affiliates to learn what exactly they do to find success. What we’ve found is that the most successful affiliates don’t make a lot of money because they represent companies that offer them the highest commission rates or the best incentives.

They want to help their audience more than they want to profit off of them. And in turn, they’ve ended up creating incredible recurring revenue streams from their desire to help others succeed.

On top of our regular commission structure, we also offer flat bonus commissions for high-impact actions

Campus Affiliate Programmes (CAP)

That’s it for now! Refer Customers to our Whatsapp 08077957494 , using your Affiliate Referral Code and  earn instant commission. 

For Support, Inquiries, Please WhatsApp 08077957494. Thank you.

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