Why you should make that move to travel Abroad

Why You Should Make That Move To Travel Abroad

Making that choice of traveling abroad for studies can be a challenging task but it can also be a life changing one, the economic implications can make anyone to have a rethink but as I always advice applicants that the first step can be crucial, A simple step of getting your transcript from your school can be the boost you need to really go for it, I’ve had situations where applicants are finding it difficult to secure their transcript from the school, this might be due to the reluctance to do the needful.


The needful can be getting a friend that is on ground in the school to put in the work needed to get the Transcript ready in record time, Having the opportunity of being close to the secretary in your department can give you a smooth sailing in securing your transcript, there’ll be a few bumps down the road but with the right people you can do no wrong. 


I can’t overemphasize the fact that you have to be intentional about your decision to study abroad, your plan should be a well detailed one and I always advice prospective applicants to have different options of study destination, It is also important to note that this sojourn is a capital intensive one, even if you plan on traveling via the Scholarship route, you’ll have to commit some level of resources to the school application and Visa application stage so you need to have this in mind. Due to the cost implications some

applicants are reluctant to intimate their family or relatives about their study plans for fear of the unknown, this has its merits and demerits so it can be a tricky situation if not properly handled, Telling your friend or relative can be the key to actualizing your dream and it can also go sideways.

One of the reasons for studying abroad is for your personal growth, many students report that while trying to adapt to their new country and learning their customs and culture, they ended up learning more about themselves, you can only discover what’s inside you by jumping out of your comfort zone and putting yourself in challenging situations.

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Finding a new career path can also influence the rest of your life in regards to your career goals, you will probably discover a newly found passion which could influence your career path. You can also network as an international student and this means meeting loads of people from all over the world, these new friends will become valuable connections in the professional world

We'll  go in-depth into the benefits of taking that step as we go on this journey, so come along with me on this wonderful ride and I hope we all realize our dreams and aspirations in life.

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