4 Reasons why students lose interest in learning.

4 Reasons Why Students Lose Interest In Learning.

Often as student, we perceive our lack of interest to study as laziness or ungratefulness but there deeper underlying factors that can result to lack of interest or motivation in learning.

Having no motivation to learn can have dramatic impact to students grade. The following are reasons why students lose interest in learning ;. 

1. Lack of interest in a particular course/subject.

Student can have a though time learning when they deem the course useless or when they don't have interest in a particular course. It is evident that the role of interest as it boost motivation/interest and guarantees students engagement in content specific activities . 

2.Peer Group Influence.

It is observed that peer group has a lot of influence on student. It is believed that students feel alot comfortable when they are around their fellow student, a student who is brilliant and is surrounded by dull friend would loose interest in learning. On the other hand a peer group which is inclined on studying would have positive effect on dull members towards learning and stimulate his/her interest in learning and vice versa.

 3.Teaching Method

Teaching method is the way a lecturer/teacher delivers the subject by using certain methods corresponding to the characteristics of students encountered.  Students have different characteristics from the very clever, moderate and there is also less able to receive lessons fast.

Therefore, the teacher must be able to apply the learning method in accordance to characteristics of the students in order to improve their interest in learning.

 4. Class Size

Class Size can be seen as the number of student per teacher/lecturer in a given class. In Nigeria, small class size is very common in private school while large class size is a peculiar feature in government school because the government don't invest in public school development.

Learning in a large class size is usually not interesting compared to the small class size with teachers unable to teach, explain and evaluate concept effectively to the best of students understanding hence, the students learning interest is affected. Howeve, class size affect the level of understanding of students since the teacher won't have full attention of every student in the classroom/lecture hall . The smaller class size can have a consistent positive effect on students learning interest, but the results doesn't mean that the positive benefits of the smaller class were not seen.

In conclusion student loose interest in learning because of the various reasons highlighted above. Every student wants a conducive learning environment to learn.


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