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Examination A Determinant Of Student Intelligence And Academic Powess

Examination is an essential medium in connoting and denoting the level of intelligence of student. It is a medium by which a student is been put to test to reveal how far he has gone with the numerous lectures and tuition he has pass through.


Everyone both young and old believe the result of any examination determine the level of brilliancy of a student. As this might be true examination/result has unduly been elevated far above the normal standard, it has erroneously been place at the top most priority which has sabotage the real intent of examination especially in Nigeria academic system.


Many researches have shown that the level of man/student intelligence is far beyond what can be restricted to the four walls of examination/lecture hall.
Based on the bastardized mindset that has been place to the heart of all dick and harry that examination is of great value in testing the level of intelligence of student, many students has thereby settled for mere cramming of the lecture note so as to scale through the holds of failure, we are now producing graduate with certificate but lack the capability of defending what they carry.
Academic test(examination) are only conducted to test and examine if students have been studying. It basically test and check the learning ability of a student, but not his or her intelligence.
Even the famous physicist the great Albert Einsten failed his school tests. 
According to Mrittika Das intelligence is the potential to interpret, elucidate and think on a specific issue. Academic test are an examination of the ideas and views put forth in textbooks and taught in classrooms, at occasional intervals during a term.
These can be a true measure of memorizing capability, but not and never intelligence. I once have a lecturer that if you answer her question based on your own understanding she will mark you wrong even if you have the best answer with the idea that you did not give him what she gave you in the handout. This has really weakened the chance testing a student intelligence just a mere examination.
Many has forgotten or chose to ignore that there are numerous silly mistakes that can be done by student in answering there examination question which therefore has an effect on there grades. Answer sheets can never prove the intelligence a person has.
Many students make spelling mistake or careless mistakes due to nervousness or hurry. Many have trouble memorizing long, complicated definitions. Writing a perfect description within the word limit and time is also a very strenuous and difficult task. Often, students know the correct answers but fail to write them according to the instructions given in the paper. 
Everyone is unique in one way or the other; we are born with different capability and talents. There can be no standard measure to judge students. Using the same yardstick to judge everyone’s capability and intelligence is similar to donkey for being unable to soar with wings. A true intelligence can only be measured with the amount of knowledge, not the mark of an academic test or examination.
Many students has look down on their potentials because the world believe there are a failure due to their low grades. Some has falling into depression and some has lost there life therein.
Even though examination is quiet essential, it is high time the world see that a man intelligence can’t be measured by just a mere test but by the capability and capacity they show forth in intuitive thinking and solving problems.
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