Education Minister and NANS Meeting Outcome.

Education Minister And Nans Meeting Outcome.

We spoke in the language that our adversaries understand. Let me commend students across the country for this show of solidarity, you decided in the congress and as your leader, I gave action to your voices and you supported me through it all, came out in your numbers, and we spoke in one audible voice.
Our first meeting with the Minister of Education yesterday was tense, ended abruptly, because of our very radical stance which was necessitated by the untold hardship we have suffered from these incessant strikes and lack of adequate commitment to the development of the tertiary education system in the country.
While the Minister of Education stormed out of the meeting, we barricaded the Ministry, but the Minister managed to escape the waiting anger of the marmot crowd of students.
However, with the intervention of the DSS, The Nigeria Police Force, the special appeal from the Executive Secretary of NUC, the JAMB registrar, and the unreserved apology of the Minister of Education, a new meeting was reconvened at the Conference Hall of the NUC where the Minister of Education was also present. We presented our 3 points demand as follows:
Urgent action by the Federal Government to end the incessant ASUU Strike Permanently
We requested the state of implementation of the FG/ASUU agreement of 2009 be made public 
The inclusion of students representative in every negotiation between FG and ASUU as the issues are triangular and students must be duly represented for the balance of interests.
The Minister apologized to NANS and the entire student populace for the prior misunderstanding, sympathized with Nigerian students for the avoidable situation and the strike. The Minister restated the shock of the Federal Government over the decision of ASUU to go on strike as there is an ongoing negotiation between ASUU and the Federal Government.
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The Minister agreed with the demand of NANS for students to be represented in the negotiation for balancing of interests while also pledging to do everything possible to ensure the strike is called off on or before the expiration of the one-month warning strike which is now in its third week.
The Minister explained that some of the items in the 2009 agreement with ASUU are not realistic and un-implementable and ASUU has been duly informed, hence the constitution of the renegotiation committee to review the agreement and do everything possible to reach a new agreement acceptable to parties.
The implementable document which has been drafted and submitted to the government will be signed by Federal Government and ASUU to put a permanent end to ASUU Strike.
While we await the resolution of the meeting between the FG and ASUU today, we have informed the Minister that we shall react louder and bigger across the 36 States and the FCT should the government fail to find a permanent solution to issues of ASUU strike. 
Let me again thank Nigerian students for standing tall, united, motivated, and in solidarity as we fight this to a reasonable conclusion. We thank security agencies and members of the 4th and 5th estate of the realm for their cooperation.
I, therefore, call on the students to be prepared for a complete showdown if FG and ASUU fail to resolve their impasse and call off the strike on or before the end of the one-month warning strike which is now in its third month.
Aluta Continua! Victoria Ascerta
Viva Aluta
Asefon Sunday Dayo
The Revolutionary NANS President.
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