Learn How To Design With Your Phone In Just 7 Days.

Learn How To Design With Your Phone In Just 7 Days.

I remember when I started designing with my phone, that was around 2019. I was introduced to the mobile application used by a friend.

I started using the app to do a couple of WHACK designs, because I thought nothing DOPE could be achieved with the app.

I remembered when I told a friend that I feel like going into graphic design full time, but with my smartphone. He kicked against it telling me that no organisation will employ me if I'm using my phone to design.

Then somehow last year, I started working for an Internet Radio Station and I was responsible for their branding and online publicity.

I did most of their graphics with my phone and thanks to my Boss who kept bringing in more work for me. 

With time, I discovered that I was getting better at using my smartphone to design. There and then, I decided it was time I went down this graphic design road. 

I started studying the principles of graphic design, started modelling beautiful designs I saw and I started branding myself as a graphic designer.

I met with new people who used their phones to design too and I got more knowledge about designing with my smartphone.

So now, I can boldly say, there's no design that I can't attempt to model with my phone no matter the software that was used to create it.

We are organising a smartphone graphic design workshop to also teach you how to make beautiful designs with just your smartphone.


Your Decision To Join This Training  Will Be The Best Decision You Have Made This Year.

Learn how to create Exceptional Designs with your phone and make money off then in 7 days

7 Days Intensive Smartphone Graphics Training 2.0 

Even a 12 year old child will create an amazing design after this training.

That is because Graphics designing is not as hard as people think...

With the way we have simplified Graphics  Designing, you can learn and create your first design in the next 7 days.
We have put together a training where we'll be be showing you how to create a professional Design from scratch and get the job done within 2 days max!. 

 In 7 days, you will learn how to create Exceptional designs with your phone.

This Training is well explained with step by step practical class that will teach you:

If you are a newbie with no previous experience but possess the determination to learn, enroll for this training.
You will be taught step by step simple method to create different kinds of design including Logo, Banner, Flyers, Business Card etc.

If you are already a Professional Graphics Designer, this training is also for you. So you can learn to increase your knowledge of Graphics Designing generally, acquire a new kind of skill and strategy to improve yourself as a Graphics Designer and scale up your income.

The skills and strategy can help anyone rake between 150k to 300k monthly 

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Campus Cybercafe and KMC Graphic Mentorship class is an extraordinary masterclass that has trained, imparted and helped a whole number of people online too many to be mentioned with results.

If you really want to make money online join this  Graphic Mentorship class now and be a Boss of your own.

Now a lot of people find it difficult to make money online because they don't have skill to support their business and also they don't have a coach or mentor that can put them through, the Mentorship class is here for you and willing to take you by your hands in achieving success in Graphic Design.

I believe there are a lot of people online who are willing to pay for your service, the question is how do you meet them so that they can pay you? you need skill and strategies. That is why you need to join this Mentorship class.


Because you are going to be learning how to make 50k-100k monthly from Graphic designing and  others skill.

Few Testimonials From First Batch 

Well, there are lot of Review but I can't post all,  you can check more by clicking HERE


Also if you join this training, you I'll be enjoying a big Bonuse:

This Training is sponsored by Nigeria Biggest  Cybercafe, A Cac Registered Educational Platform in collaboration with Kalamoni ICT.


Make a Payment of #3000 only to. 

Bank Name: Access Bank 

Account Number: 0076794428 

Account Name: Ezeche Valentine 

Send Proof of Payment to 08077957494 via WhatsApp or click HERE 

P.S :The price goes back to #5,000 after 48hrs


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