A Must Read: Diary Of A Nigerian Student

Jennifer Oghene
Jennifer Oghene
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A Must Read: Diary Of A Nigerian Student

Everyone's looking for a backup plan to secure their educational career and that is smart. Due to the complexity of our country, the market has become highly saturated and it is not just enough to be educated. Every student needs skills irrespective of their courses and career choice.

While many students have drifted into business in the last 4 months of the ASUU Strike, either as an amateur or a pro, you don't have to beat yourself up if you are still trying to figure out where you suit. Before we proceed quickly see the Reasons Why Students Easily Get Bored Reading And How You Can Overcome them.
More often than not, the regret of their academic choice leaves many students in a total wreck with little or nothing, with no career path or visionary graduation. What then can you do to sustain your mind while the school stays stale?
Just a few weeks ago, Amaka, an undergraduate, launched her brand on social media for web development. Everyone was inspired and it was awkward for me to just sit there doing nothing while the internet sings her praises - a subtle reminder of my failure. My bestie was making lots of money and I also wanted to, but I had little or no skills to build a brand. I was broke like you and I was angry at the state of things.
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While I consoled myself with the saying, 'Not everything that glitters is gold.' I guess I was wrong this time because it became a tragedy viewing her WhatsApp status to see reviews and screenshots of all her deals and business targets. She had referral sessions, Instagram life, YouTube classes, and guess what? She had her site that she made me publicize online. I guess you can relate to this jeopardy!  
How about Chibuzor? My practical mate, back in school. I was the nerd and helped him in many practicals with my As flying around, saying hello to such a dumb ass like Amaka and Chibuzor. Was my As useless? Chibuzor wouldn't stop showing invoices on his status about his crypto trade, his Bitcoin wallet, and all the sweetness there's in cryptocurrencies. I mean, he spoke with so much confidence about his marketing skills, his futures, and his signal group. Did I forget to tell you? They both had courses that sold thousands of naira on Selar!
Ah! I felt stupid. I can imagine you feel the same way. While everyone is running and drifting into their path, making millions. I guess they should own cars by now. I was being kept at my mom's restaurant, making garri and pounding fufu. Was this the kind of life I wanted? I wanted to be seen on the internet like Amaka and Chibuzor. I wanted to become influential and just get into the tech space because everybody is gradually seeing it as a potential future.
I was more battered with their WhatsApp coaching, nagging, and painting how stupid people like you and I, who were not involved in web development and most especially, crypto. I was lashed by their words and tone of speech. It was full of a mixture of motivation to better myself and learn skills while at the same time, it was demeaning, self-degrading, frustrating, and bitter! I guess my WhatsApp was a marketplace where everyone felt pressured to make anyone, not in their line of business look like a failure.
I was a victim of their pressure and the referral mogul for their various courses. After all, my next sub was depending on how well I could play nice and market their products, whether substandard or not. Isn't this the silent game of many frustrated students? Are you me?
What exactly can you do without compromising your passion as you wait for the strike to be over?
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Written by Jennifer Oghene 

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