Henry Fischel: The First Inventor of Examination and his reasons.

Henry Fischel: The First Inventor Of Examination And His Reasons.

This post contains all the information you need and all you need to know about Henry Fischel ranging from Henry Fischel Achievement, Henry Fischel  family life and why Henry Fischel invented exams. If you have been asking who invented Examination and his reason for doing it.

In this post, I will show you the man who invented Examination and why he choosed to do it. Exams can be really annoying right? Have you been wondering who actually invented this examination?


About Henry Fischel


Henry A. Fischel (November 20, 1913 – March 20, 2008) was professor emeritus of and cultures at Indiana University. Fischel was an influential figure in founding the Jewish Studies Program at Indiana University. Under his direction, the Lilly Endowment gave the university a grant in 1972–73 to develop a Jewish Studies Program. Professor Fischel lived in Bloomington, Indiana until his death in 2008


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Henry A. Fischel was famous for playing an important role in the founding of the Jewish Studies Program at School Indiana University. Under his supervision, the university received a grant to make the program possible.

Henry Fischel Achievement 

Henry A. Fischel is a trained pianist. He was imprisoned at the Sachsenhausen concentration camp but survived.


Henry Fischel Invented Exams

Sir Henry Fischel, a one-time professor of Indiana University, was the man and the first person who conducted an exam when traced to record.He invented the ideology of examination in the 19th century. 


Henry Fischel Family Life

Henry Heinrich Adam Fischel married Catherine Fischel .They had one daughter: Anna Maria Mummert (born Fischel) .


Why did Henry Fischel Invent Exams? 

The reasons of the invention of exams are as follows: 


His reason for the invention of such doctrine was clear and simple. Henry Fischel invented the exam to test his students academically. When he was a professor at the University of Indiana

Henry Fischel always saw lenient students who believed that after the end of the year, they will pass to the next class without evaluation.

Henry Fischel  wanted to know whether what the students were taught was a mere waste of executive time. Also, he yearned to recognise whether the students are studying properly or not.

These concerns were the justifications why he concluded to formulate an exam to review his students' aptitude.

Meanwhile, we can deduce that he did the best thing. Nowadays, students are wondering why they have to write exams, read, memorise and in the same vein, rewrite what they have read in a book. Most students are tired of the examination system.

Unfortunately, an examination is presently a contest of grades, which lure most students into examination malpractice.

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