Reactions as Fuotuoke Students Celebrated Rag Day in a Crazy way

Reactions As Fuotuoke Students Celebrated Rag Day In A Crazy Way

Federal University Otuoke of Bayelsa State has celebrated their rag day of which they did it in a colourful way. What is expected on a rag day? On a rag day, it is expected of students to wear torn clothes and parade the communities around the campus. 

Every higher Institutions in Nigeria celebrates one special occasion or the other. While some are general, others are departmental. As part of the Celebrations, there is a day usually set aside to mark Old school day, Rag day, Cultural day and others. During the days, it is expected of the entire students to participate and make the day a colourful one
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According to a post shared by Campus Cybercafe  and Campus Update Ng who shared a picture of some student of Federal University Otuoke posing and looking like a regular mad during the institution’s rag day celebration has got many talking how extreme some of the student has gone. 
E don Mad Before”– People React to the Dressing of a Federal University Otuoke student on Rag day 
This One Don Pass Rag Day But Mad Day” as more people reacts. 
The popular rag day celebration in the Federal University Otuoke, Bayelsa, this week has received many reactions and comments on the internet. 
Some of the Pictures of their Rag Day 

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