I need a Roommate: What is the best website to find a roommate?

I Need A Roommate: What Is The Best Website To Find A Roommate?

In this post, I will show you the best website to find roommate and apartment. Best Roommate and Apartment Finder Website, Best Website to find Roommate and Apartments in Nigeria.

If you have been asking about the best website to find a roommate, then this post is specially for you. 

I will be providing an answer to the questions above which many student who wish to find a roommate and apartment have always asked, and also show you the best website to find roommate and apartments.

The post section will contain the best website to find roommate and apartment on campus, all you need to know about the best website to find a roommate and apartments.

Trying to find a roommate? You’re not alone. There are plenty of people looking to share a home — and the rent — with another person. You just have to know where to find them


What is the best website to find roommate?

Campus Cybercafe is one of the original ways to find a roommate and boasts a massive classified section with listings worldwide. Post your own listing or browse what’s already available. You should be looking for (or posting) high-quality, thorough and accurate listings.
Campus Cybercafe is a reliable online property website that connects students seeking off-campus accommodation with homeowners who have vacant apartments. We aim to reduce the stress of searching for off-campus accommodation among students by exposing vacant apartments within the campus environment through our platform.
Our mission is to make off-campus accommodation search easier and less stressful by providing access to a number of verified vacant apartments to meet student housing needs. Our platform is designed for landlords and agents to list their vacant apartments for rent in other for students to browse, choose and connect with owners of their choice apartment.
CampusCybercafe.com also allows students to connect with roommates of their kind in other to rent an apartment together or share an apartment together. With our platform roommates connects in a secure and interesting way.
We are an online housing assistance platform providing Nigerians with easier and safer housing through shared apartments and more, Our mission is to help reduce cost of rent for young Nigerians in the urban sides of the country
Flatmate search made better. Co-living is here to stay and we are building a community of verified or verifiable working class members. We also provide peer to peer rentals to help secure that apartment with little or no stress required. 

Our services includes:


Accommodation Finding:

We provide a platform for hostel accommodation search where students can browse photos, location and features of vacant and verified hostel apartments.

Roommate Finding:

We provide a platform that allows students to connect with each other in a more secure and interesting way in other to rent or share hostel apartments together.

Hostel Management:

We provide a quality and transparent hostel management and caretaking service for home and distant landlords in campus environment.


Here are some reasons why you should choose us to find a roommate:



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