#EndASUUStrikeNow: “We Are Tired”, Students Ask ASUU To Call Off Strike

Mugene Jeremiah
Mugene Jeremiah
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#Endasuustrikenow: “We Are Tired”, Students Ask Asuu To Call Off Strike

Thousands of Nigerians have taken to social media to denounce the ongoing strike action by the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU).


Students of government-owned universities have been out of classrooms since February 14, 2022.

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Other unions such as the Non-Academic Staff Union of Universities (NASU) and the Senior Staff Association of Nigerian Universities (SSANU) also declared strikes, shutting down the university system completely.


The unions said the strike action was to compel the government to implement various agreements reached with them, but both parties failed to reach a truce after several negotiations.


With the situation becoming worse by the day, Nigerians, the majority of whom are students, have ultimately taken to Twitter to demand an immediate end to the lingering strike.


Hashtagged, #EndASUUStrikeNow, below are some of the tweets:


Tweeting via @iamthorri, one Victoria Thomas said, “Once again failure of the system has forced the youths to take a stand. I pray that God almighty protects each and everyone of them, May no evil come near them, I rebuke any form of tragedy before, during and after in Jesus name.”

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@Hammad_AbdulR1 said, “Nigerian students need to wake up from their slumber. We can’t keep silent as if nothing is happening. We need to take a step now before it is too late. It has been 3 months now since ASUU embarked on strike and there is no green light up till now. #EndASUUStrikeNow #ASUU.”


@Ebuksmann wrote, “They don’t really care if ASUU is on strike because they send their children to school abroad #EndASUUStrikeNow.”


@AyindeDavid6 wrote, “This strike is hazardous to students and the FG doesn’t even care . My School ID card says 2018-2022. It’s 2022 and I’m still in my penultimate year. We are tired and want to go back to the classroom.”

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@TripleHay001 simply wrote, “71 Days at home. Reopen our Universities. We’re tired.”


@AdedejiRx said, “Nigerian Students, In One Voice, Are Saying #EndASUUStrikeNow ! Lend your Voice. Just RT till they see this.”


@AlutaEne said, “FG end this strike Now! #EndASUUStrikeNow It’s not a crime to go to public school under your care.”


@TimzyteeS Media wrote, “Deep down, I really want to resume school. Open our universities, enough is enough!”

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