ASUU Issues important notice for the public

Asuu Issues Important Notice For The Public

Our base line is the full implementation of the 2020 MoA freely signed by the Federal Government and the union. This calls for a lot of concern. There’s no commitment to the agreement entered into. The government is not sensitive to the welfare of workers. That’s why we’re using these channels to sensitise the people so that they won’t see us as using strike as the only tool of fighting for our demands


While we commend interventions of notable Nigerians in the matter, it should be stated here that it is about actions and not deliberations. These are no new demands. Some of our members have not been paid salaries since December last year and they’re still working. It shows commitment on our part.


Selective treatment of issues in dispute instead of a comprehensive approach will no longer be acceptable to our members. We shall no longer take the issue of the welfare of our members for granted. Any treatment of MoA of 2020 that precludes its full implementation and rejection of the IPPIS will be incomplete. If it has taken ASUU’s position of resuming a suspended strike action to rouse the government from its sleep of non-implementation of the MoA of 2020, one needs to ask how many of such reminders should ASUU give before its demands are met.


It is on the basis of the failure of the government to meet up with the promises made as attested to in the MoA of 2020 that the union is calling on Nigerians to intervene at this critical m oment.

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