ASUU Has Been Vindicated Over IPPIS Opposition – FUO Chairperson

Asuu Has Been Vindicated Over Ippis Opposition – Fuo Chairperson

The chairperson of Academic Staff Union of universities (ASUU) Federal University Otuoke, Bayelsa State chapter, Dr Socrates Ebo, has stated that the arrest and detention of the Accountant General of the Federation, Ahmed Idris, has vindicated the Union’s opposition towards the Integrated Personnel and Payroll Information System (IPPIS).

According to Ebo, ASUU has always known that the IPPIS has always been a conduit pipe used by the cabal in government to milk the country dry and oppress workers, noting that it is sad that lecturers are paid next to nothing while the IPPIS mafia in government still steals from that meagre salary in the name of all manner of fraudulent and arbitrary deductions. 
Ebo is a statement in Yenagoa on Sunday, said, “The arrest and detention of the Accountant General of the Federation have exposed to Nigerians what ASUU has always known- IPPIS has always been a conduit pipe that a heartless government mafia has been using to milk the country dry and oppress the long-suffering, hapless, poverty damaged Nigerian workers.
“It is said that Nigerian workers have continued to groan under government oppression in a country that is endowed with plentifulness and abundance of every gift of nature one can think of. Why is it difficult for Nigeria to produce a single world-class university while lesser endowed countries like Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Namibia and South Africa boast of far better-equipped universities?
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“We thank the government for finally remembering to pay some lecturers their minimum wage arrears after three good years, but what crime have lecturers committed that the government has maliciously withheld their salary for three good months under the present unpleasant economy?
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“So, the government shamelessly want to punish lecturers for demanding that government should make our universities better? So it is now an offence to urge the government to develop and improve education? Why is the government bent on starving lecturers to submission? Why is the government bent on punishing us with starvation? Is the country not hard enough already?” 

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