APS Score Calculator (Calculate Your APS Score)

Aps Score Calculator (Calculate Your Aps Score)

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This is a simple but complete guide for all  candidates that wants to see what they scored in APS using the Aps Score Calculator.

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How to check Aps Score with the Aps Score Calculator will be outlined in this article.

With no wastage of much of your time, I will move to the major steps that you need and also the things you will need or need to know. 


What is APS Score? 

This is a question that most Matric students and first time students want to know when applying to study at a university in south Africa. 

APS stands for Admission Point Score. 

APS Score are used in South African Universities as one of the tools to see if  applicants qualify for their respective programmes.

Your APS score is important for your acceptance into numerous different advanced education institutions. 


Aps Score Calculator is a unique APS Score Calculator that you can use to calculate your Aps score.

So if you have recently matriculated or you are a first time student who's unsure of which direction to go in, the APS Score Calculator can help you know your Aps Score to decide.


How To calculate APS Score with Aps Score Calculator. 

The points you get for each course will depend on the percentage you score in that particular subject. 

You can calculate your own APS score by adding the points of your six best subjects in high school (excluding Life Orientation), the percentage you received for that subject determines your points.

The APS score is the total points you receive from each course. 

The point system works as follows:

Once you have summed up all you points you have you APS score. The highest possible score you can achieve is 42.

For undergraduate qualifications theses of the minimum APS scores needs:

Click here to calculate your APS score and see which qualifications you meet the requirements of.

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